Research Publications

Research Publications

The Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics is proud of the accomplishments of our users and is required to report its metrics of success to CFI.  To acknowledge and support these processes, please send information about your recent peer-reviewed publications and conferences where you presented data obtained through the use of the Centre’s equipment.

Please continue to acknowledge the Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics in these presentations and publications and forward to the Director of the CHTP a copy of all peer-reviewed publications that arise from data generated in the facility.  The suggested text for acknowledgement is as follows:

“(technique) was performed in the Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics at the University of British Columbia, a facility supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, British Columbia Knowledge Development Foundation, and the UBC Faculty of Dentistry.”

In some cases, co-authorship is warranted when CHTP staff members have contributed to the experimental design or developed novel techniques.  Please discuss co-authorship with the relevant CHTP staff member and the Director (Dr. Nancy Ford) at the beginning of the collaboration.

List of Core-contributed Publications:

We’d like to express our gratitude to all of our users who are formally acknowledging the contributions of the Centre for High-Throughput Phenogenomics (CHTP) in their publications!