Microwave Preparation

Microwave Preparation

PELCO 3470 Hornet Microwave System

The PELCO 3470 Hornet Microwave System is a compact, versatile microwave system with the following combination of features:

  • Variable wattage — 100% continuous power at 6 different levels from 250 W to 750 W calibrated in 100 W increments;
  • Water recirculation system — maintains a uniform microwave environment in the microwave cavity over time;
  • Temperature-restrictive temperature probe — guarantees accurate temperature control to approximately 1 degree in most aqueous solutions;
  • Embedding computer — provides accurate and reliable temperature with tie profiles during all processing steps;
  • Programmable times — provides one-touch operation during processing as well as multiple time sequences;
  • Four intermittent power settings — provides 0%, 20%, 50%, and 70% power on cycles that can be used in conjunction with the variable wattage power levels;
  • Magnetron pre-warming — guarantees 100% of the power selected for 100% of the time.

This microwave-assisted system is user-friendly and ideal for enhancing rapid processing of protocols including, but not limited to, tissue in electron microscopy, formalin and glutaraldehyde fixation, EDTA decalcification, paraffin tissue processing and special stain, immunolabelling, and confocal microscopy.


For more information about the capabilities and use of this machine, please send an e-mail.


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