Leica Cryostat

Leica Cryostat

Leica cryostat

Leica CM 1950 Cryostat

The Leica CM 1950 Cryostat is a microtome designed to produce frozen sections for biological, medical, and industrial applications.

It is primarily used for work in the area of fast-cut diagnostics and is suitable for general in vitro diagnostic applications. This cryostat is a high-performance cryostat with a frost-free, encapsulated microtome. It features a UV disinfection system that is effective against most bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and an integrated vacuum extraction system for removing section waste.

The vacuum system also assists in stretching sections for easier section handling. To facilitate better section quality, the cryostat uses a CryoZone system to circulate cool air around the specimen, and a knife and anti-roll guide to create optimal conditions for consistent and high-quality sectioning. The system is user-friendly and requires minimal training.


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