Hitachi SU3500 SEM

Hitachi SU3500 SEM

Hitachi SU3500

Hitachi SU3500 SEM

The Hitachi SU3500 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is our latest addition to the high resolution imaging instrumentation at CHTP to complement the Helios 650 Dual Beam. This will be the facility workhorse microscope capable of high resolution imaging performance at low accelerating voltage but versatile enough to accommodate a large range of samples both in composition, size and weight. The capability of this machine is founded on the new low-aberration objective lens and hex bias technology, large chamber size with a robust specimen stage capable of 8kg load (max specimen size 200 mm dia. & 80mm height) and variable/high pressure imaging modes (6-650Pa).

Additionally, this instrument is equipped with a Bruker XFlash 6-10 energy dispersive x-ray analysis (EDX) detector for the acquisition of atomic composition data.  The EDX system has an energy resolution of 123 eV at Mn Kα.

Performance wise the tungsten filament emission instrument has the capability of 7nm lateral resolution at 3keV for SE imaging and 10nm at 5 keV for BSE imaging. Also, this machine is very suitable for imaging non-conductive bulk samples because of its large sample chamber, specimen stage design and low vacuum mode. These characteristics also facilitate the imaging of specimens at relatively large working distances (65mm - resulting in a large depth of field i.e. depth that the sample is in focus), high tilt angles (up to 90o) and an observation area of 130mm.

For the user, the instrument operation has been specifically designed for ease of operation thereby facilitating high sample throughput.

  • Operation Guide enables inexperienced users to select optimum imaging conditions easily for various samples and the automated focus, brightness/contrast features are extremely accurate and fast.
  • Live stereoscopic imaging
  • 3D view software which allows complete acquisition of sample information to generate 3D surface roughness profiles, 3D area views and 3D images.
  • Large area imaging
  • Gallery
  • 3D roughness profile
  • Low mag large WD
  • BSE detector
  • Zig Zag software application for stitching images together over large field of view
  • Bruker XFlash 6-10 EDX detector


For more information about the capabilities and use of this machine, please send an e-mail.


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