Grinding/Polishing Suite

Grinding/ Polishing Suite

Grinding/Polishing Suite

In line with the high throughput philosophy of the CHTP, this state of the art grinding & polishing system has been acquired to specifically prepare sample cross sections for imaging and characterization. Such a system will facilitate in creating high quality polished surface for EDX/EBSD characterization, large area imaging, or for our “supertrench” FIB method.

The Cast N’ Vac systems is a vacuum impregnation system for epoxy resin mounting. Embedding the sample in resin is advantageous as it enhances edge retention and supports delicate and friable samples while polishing. The Cast N’ Vac accelerates the infiltration of epoxy resin by removing trapped air from mounting material, whilst facilitating the filling of voids in the specimen.  The Buehler Epothin resin characteristics are ideal for embedding all types of materials and temperature sensitive samples.

The Automet 250 Pro is a semi-automatic grinder/polisher for high throughput processing and reproducibility. It features a power head designed for single (single force specimen capacity 5-45 N) or central force applications (central force specimen capacity 20-260 N). The automated burst dispensing system is easy to operate system for dispensing all diamond and final polishing suspensions and improves both productivity and consistency by dispensing suspensions at fixed intervals and configurable rates.

The Vibromet removes minor deformations remaining after mechanical preparation with the Automet Pro. It is designed to prepare high quality polished surfaces on a wide variety of materials and applications including EBSD with a minimal deformation stress free surface.


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